Citrix TestDrive is an on-demand, managed software demonstration system leveraging the Citrix Access Suite. Any application selected automatically launches a new Citrix TestDrive session with no download or installation necessary.

Take a TestDrive for yourself, select an application below and see how the Citrix Access Suite delivers applications directly to your computer without a download or installation.


The Citrix Access Suite is a collection of products that work in harmony to deliver a single, consistent and secure-by-design point of access for corporate resources. The following components have been bundled to form the Citrix Access Suite:

» Citrix Presentation Server extends the capabilities of Microsoft Terminal Services to provide centralized administration, robust printing, efficient use of bandwidth, dynamic load balancing, expanded client support and enterprise scalability. Citrix Presentation server provides secure access to centralized applications from any device. There are three editions available to suit the needs of any environment: standard, advanced and enterprise. These editions provide management features based on the size of the organization or deployment.
» Citrix Access Gateway is the Citrix SSL VPN appliance that provides a secure single-point access for enterprise resources. The Access Gateway delivers “always on” secure access to network resources and is fully integrated with the Web Interface and Presentation Server. When enhanced with the Advanced Access Control Option (included with the Enterprise edition) the Access Gateway can provide a granular security policy to network resources based on a users access scenario. This access scenario can be determined based on user endpoint analysis results, presentation server policies and user permissions. The access scenario will control access to web applications, Presentation Server enabled applications, network file services and other defined network protocols.
» Citrix Password Manager provides an enterprise single sign-on solution for both Citrix Access Suite clients and PC environments. Password Manager increases network security, reduces help desk calls for password resets and simplifies user access by authenticating all enterprise applications with a single user password